Accessible at any time

REVE HOME is the ultimate app for any home owner, with a virtual tour of the property, the BIM of the property, and all the data about the property (loan repayment timetable & loan contract, diagnostics, equipment, notarial deeds, co-ownership, property files).

The virtual tour

The virtual tour allows potential buyers to visit a property before it is built. The user is free to roam inside the property, to personalize and already feel at home. Change the paint of the walls, choose the flooring, view the property furnished or unfurnished.

Why such an app?

The app is the digital twin of the property, it allows access to all the essential documents of the property, allowing for sharing with whoever you want. Sharing those files will save you and your contractors time when it comes to maintaining it, to putting it up on the market and to selling it.

the digital twin of your property in your pocket

the digital twin of your property in your pocket

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